That “Keep Fit” Slog!

I know that the only thing that can really keep you fit for riding a horse is riding a horse. But what to do when you are on a two week holiday and there are no horses available?  That my friends is the question!

David, ( my other half) and I are in London England for two weeks visiting our son. I don’t want to loose too much fitness or I will pay for it when I get home. Riding a horse is not the same as going to the gym. If you feel a bit out of shape you can slow down at the gym. Not so much when you are riding a horse and you are in a full training program. If I get tired I ride badly and if I take a break when things are going badly I’m telling my horse that he has done well and I’m rewarding him with a break. You get the picture. So how do I keep fit when I’m in London?

We walk for miles. And miles. And miles.

And we walk UP the stairs. This visit our room is on the 4th floor. In England that means the ground floor and then the first floor and then the second and then the third and then the fourth!  I usually take a break after the second floor for a minute or two.


The view from the bottom of the stairs

We also travel about London in the Underground or the Tube as it is known here. There are lots of stairs there too that can be climbed.


Stairs to the ‘Way Out’ Tottenham Court Rd Station.

The train lines in the Underground are sometimes very deep in the ground. There are escalators to bring you up to street level. In this photo there are no  crowds but when it is busy there are hundreds of people and those who want to stand stay on the right and those in a hurry climb on the left. And heaven help you if you stand on the left and are not prepared to step lively!




So I am getting lots of exercise. It’s a slog sometimes but it will keep me fitter and……I get to eat things like this!



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  1. I wish I were back in England visiting family, and having all my favorite food.


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