Herba Coat Product Review

December.  Going to Florida means a full body clip the week before transport.  On arrival Biasini wears a fly sheet every night. He reacts badly to insect bites and in Florida the bugs are about at night. Within the first week he has lots of bites and areas of tiny bumps the result of rolling out in the paddock where there are tiny microbes in the soil that cause these bumps.   As the weather is hot he is bathed after every ride. Then I put witch hazel onto the bites and bumps and top it all off with a full body spray of lineament which discourages the little bump producing microbes.  Once he is dry I then spray him with fly spray( a combination of citronella and other herbs and apple cider vinegar) before turning him out into the paddock. While this routine helps to reduce the number of bumps and rash like patches it is very tough on the coat.

January.   Biasini still has the very short clip and his coat is looking rather dull and the bites and bumps have left small bald bits on his coat.

February. He is still looking a bit sad despite my best efforts. But at the end of February he begins to shed the short clipped coat and the new coat starts, slowly to grow in.

March. His coat is growing in. Biasini always grows in a good healthy coat that is a nice shiny red chestnut. But this year his coat was the best it has ever been. I had not changed his diet. He is on a grain free diet of alfalfa cubes, beet pulp shreds, rice bran and flax seed oil with a vitamin and mineral supplement.  I usually give him a curry once a day but he is not a big fan of being groomed so this is not very vigorous. In my previous product review of RegenerEQ I discuss his dislike of grooming and how the RegernerEQ helped with that.

This year I did make one change however. As soon as his clipped coat started to shed out I started to use Omega Alpha’s Herba Coat. This is a topical spray that is an all-natural coat conditioner that contains citronella oil, lavender oil, neem oil, aloe vera, sunflower oil, glycerin and water. I would spray it onto his body after he had been bathed. At the end of March his coat was in and I was really impressed. The coat was soft and very shiny and all of the little bumps and bald spots had gone. He still got the odd insect bite and I would use witch hazel to settle those.

At the end of March we competed at White Fences Equestrian and I actually had people comment on his coat and the color and shine.  We are now home in Ontario and his coat is still gleaming and beautifully soft.  I believe that the Herba Coat was a contributing factor to this.

**I was not paid or compensated for this review. It is my own valid and honest opinion, with information of my own or as appropriately sourced.**



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