Product Review: RegenerEQ

Omega Alpha describes their product RegenerEQ as a supplement that can “normalize the integrity of the gastro-intestinal tract.’    It is recommended for horses that are” stressed by travel, competition, new surroundings and new feed.    The initial loading dose is 15ml twice daily and the maintenance dose is 15 ml once daily. Omega Alpha provided me with the product to review.

I started Biasini on RegenerEQ in January with the loading dose and then reduced to the maintenance dose. The results were very interesting.  I have never had indications that Biasini is a horse that suffers from stomach ulcers or hindgut ulcers. I have had a horse with stomach ulcers before and am familiar with the symptoms. However Biasini, a chestnut gelding, is not a horse that enjoyed being brushed or rubbed with any type of curry. There were days when I could only brush him very lightly with a soft brush.  His right side has always been particularly sensitive. Using a curry anywhere on his belly from his shoulder back to below his hip really upset him and usually resulted in his ears being pinned and his biting at the cross ties or  looking like he’d like to bite me if I was within range!  On his right side I could only ever curry his top line. The left side was better but overall I would say he was a horse that was unhappy being curried or vigorously brushed.

After a week on RegenerEQ I began to notice a difference in his acceptance of being brushed, especially on his right side. He stopped nipping at the cross ties and gave the odd head toss but otherwise allowed me to brush his right side.  After a second week I was able to curry the right side; all over…… including his belly and girth areas which had previously been absolutely off limits.

I am not saying he metamorphosed into a horse that loves being groomed and curried and brushed. But he tolerates it much better now and stands more quietly, taking in what else is happening in the barn aisle instead of fussing, head banging and nipping while being groomed.  This is a big difference and I attribute it to the RegenerEQ.

I kept him on RegenerEQ for five weeks. During this time I was in full training, five days a week and also trailering to shows and competing. I also have him on Omega Alpha’s Gastra FX which he has been on before for competition season.  I think Gastra FX is also good as an ulcer preventative but there is an additional level of comfort that was produced by the RegenerEQ.

RegenerEQ is a liquid and I administered it by syringe added to the Gastra FX. Biasini loves the Gastra FX and to him it is like a treat.  RegenerEQ also comes in a paste form in a handy syringe for travel or showing. Unfortunately Biasini said “NO” to that. I don’t know why but he did not like the flavour of the travel syringe at all.  So for me I put the liquid into a syringe and give it to him that way which he does accept.

I would recommend this product for gastro intestinal health. There is no question that it has made Biasini more comfortable as demonstrated by his willingness to be brushed and even curried vigorously.The product is advertised as promoting long lasting gastro intestinal health. If I find him exhibiting signs of girthyness or brushing sensitivity I will put him on another course of RegenerEQ.

** I was not paid or compensated for this review, it is my own valid and honest opinion, with information of my own, or as appropriately sourced**

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