Introducing Omega Alpha Health Products


Omega Alpha is a Canadian company that manufactures natural herbal products for horses, pets and humans. Their stated goal is: “to provide consumers with scientifically formulated natural health products manufactured using pharmaceutical standards.” This is what the company says about their process.

“Products are clinically evaluated by and in consultation with, master herbalists, pharmacists, veterinarians, medical doctors and naturopathic doctors. At their own on-site laboratories they test all ingredients and formulations before, during and after manufacturing and packaging to ensure there are no heavy metals, contaminants or other toxins, and they also utilize third party laboratories to verify the efficacy, safety, consistency and purity of their products. “

I have used some of the Omega Alpha products for horses in the past and found them to be effective and also the horses seem to be happy to take them. Well you know what it’s like trying to syringe something into the horse’s mouth and you end up wearing most of it all down your front! Or you put it into their feed and they refuse to touch the feed and give you a scathing look that lets you know they will NEVER touch this stuff. I have found with my horses that they always seem to like the products and take them happily by syringe or in their feed. Omega Alpha products for horses are suitable for all breeds and disciplines of horses: race horses, jumpers, dressage, endurance, barrel racers and reining horses.

I will be reviewing two products: RegernerEQ and Sinew-X Plus.

RegenerEQ promotes a healthy gastro-intestinal environment.   Horses frequently suffer from ulcers and intestinal distress due to trailering, competition, and relocation to a new barn or the introduction of a new feed. Sinew-X Plus is a muscle, joint and ligament formula that contains Hyaluronic Acid as well as D-glucosamine and herbs.

During the winter season in Florida we have a schedule of full training, trailering to shows, and competing so I will be reviewing the products based on seeing how these products can help him with this intense schedule.


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