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  • Monday Portrait.

    Monday Portrait.

    This little black squirrel has picked up a seed that was dropped by the birds at the feeder above him The squirrels cannot get up the pole to the feeders, it is wrapped in metal, as you can see.

  • Squirrels are Survivors.

    Squirrels are Survivors.

    I know I buried some corn niblets somewhere. Let’s see if I can find them. I can smell them! They must be here somewhere. Yes! Yummy! This is my response to Xingfu Mama’s Challenge Whatsoever is Lovely Squirrels finding the corn niblets they buried in the early autumn and now are buried under the snow…

  • CFFC: Animals unaware!

    CFFC: Animals unaware!

    This week Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Animals Unaware Click the link to see Cee’s post and other bloggers responses. Here are some photos of animals unaware they are being photographed. This squirrel has a big corn cob. Thanks for this fun challenge Cee. I had a grand time looking in my archives for these…

  • Nature at work: Squirrels!

    Nature at work: Squirrels!

    This is my response to Nancy Merrill’s Nature at Work photo challenge.

  • I’m a fan of ….Corn!

    I’m a fan of ….Corn!

    The squirrels point of view.

  • I’m a Fan of Squirrels!

    I’m a Fan of Squirrels!

    I love to watch the squirrels that come to eat up the seeds that the birds drop from the bird feeder. They are all such characters! They also like to have a drink from the ground level bird bath. So I am dedicating this post to squirrels and linking it to Jez “Fan of ”…

  • Summer Heat

    Summer Heat

    Summer heat. The small birds, chipmunks and squirrels take advantage of a small plastic bird bath. We can see the bird feeder and the little bath from our eat in kitchen and there is always some activity to watch. Have a good week ahead everyone and if your climate is a hot one try to…