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  • What is that “Certain Age”?

    What is that “Certain Age”?

    Recently I read this in Horse Sport magazine. How old is a woman of ‘a certain age’? According to a 1995 column in the New York Times, “only a Nosy Parker would try and find out.” A joke, of course, but one from a (hopefully) bygone era when women felt pressured to be coy about their…

  • In the ring it’s all you!

    In the ring it’s all you!

    During the Olympics there were a series of ads on the CBC that focused on great quotes from coaches. One was about a young woman who was a boxer. She said her coach had inspired her even before Women’s Boxing was allowed, let alone become an Olympic sport. Her coach used to say to her…

  • So Many Details. So Little Time.

    So Many Details. So Little Time.

    Dressage is all about the details. There are an infinity of details that must be remembered and carried out. Focusing on the details is the Lens Artists challenge this week given to us by Patti. This is a tough one for me as my dressage life is all about details. Endless details! But how can…

  • Happy Birthday Biasini!

    Happy Birthday Biasini!

    On January 17, 2005, in the North of Germany, four little hooves hit the ground. This little fellow grew up to be branded into the Hanoverian Verband. His breeder Inga Bulle knew she had a nice colt and she gave him the name Biasini. His father was Belissimo M and his mother Diva ( she…

  • Solitude: The Halt at X

    Solitude: The Halt at X

    Seven minutes of solitude.