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  • I’m a fan of ….Corn!

    I’m a fan of ….Corn!

    The squirrels point of view.

  • I’m a Fan of Squirrels!

    I’m a Fan of Squirrels!

    I love to watch the squirrels that come to eat up the seeds that the birds drop from the bird feeder. They are all such characters! They also like to have a drink from the ground level bird bath. So I am dedicating this post to squirrels and linking it to Jez “Fan of ”…

  • I’m a Fan of Birdwatching!

    I’m a Fan of Birdwatching!

    This is my response to Jez’ I’m a Fan of … photo challenge. Information on the sparrows came from The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds. I have been recording all the birds I have seen at the feeders, each Saturday and Sunday, since December for the Birds Canada Winter Feederwatch project. Sadly…