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  • Update:Pets and the Pandemic.

    Update:Pets and the Pandemic.

    I recently wrote a post about our little mini-Schnauzer June and how she was reacting to the pandemic. Or to put it more precisely, how she was reacting to us, her humans, reacting to the pandemic. When I wrote the post she seemed to be a bit unsettled and needed to be closer to us.…

  • Pets and the Pandemic.Do they know?

    Pets and the Pandemic.Do they know?

    Animals are not affected physically by the CV19 virus. But are they affected mentally by it? I think they know something is going on. We are half way through a 14 day self isolation after returning from Florida. Our little dog June has enjoyed getting out with us for longer walks and she likes having…

  • Precious Pets.

    Precious Pets.

    This week the Lens-artists challenge is from Tina at Travels and Trifles. The challenge: Precious Pets. CATS We do not have a cat but we have had our daughter’s cat as a guest. Here is a photo of our daughter and her cat Sir Winston. dressed for a special occasion. He was a rescue who…