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  • Biasini Speaks: Flying Reindeer?

    Biasini Speaks: Flying Reindeer?

    You don’t believe in flying reindeer? Well I can explain what I think about them. I know Leueen is on a break from the blob but I have asked her to post a link to my original blob post about reindeer and “elves” and all the Winter Festival things. Here it is, https://horseaddict.net/2017/12/13/biasini-speaks-about-the-flying-reindeer/

  • Biasini Speaks About the Flying Reindeer!

    Biasini Speaks About the Flying Reindeer!

    Well Dear Humans , winter is here. This is what the paddocks look like now. And there are decorations on the barn doors for the Mid-Winter Festival. Also there has been a lot of chatter among the humans  about the Festival.  It seems there is a problem with the little humans getting older and ceasing…