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  • Enter at A

    Enter at A

    Every dressage test, from training level to the Grand Prix starts with the horse and rider entering the ring at the letter A. Whether you are riding in a show at your local club or in the Olympics you enter at the letter A. So when I saw that this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge #126 from […]

  • I am “Out of the Office!”

    I am “Out of the Office!”

    …our debut at the FEI Intermediare 1 test…

  • When the Horse Whispers.

    When the Horse Whispers.

    The rest of the movement is all about trying to correct that bad turn.

  • A Moments Inattention and …..Plop!

    A Moments Inattention and …..Plop!

    RIDING THE SHORT SIDE The standard 20m by 60m dressage arena leaves little room for error on the 20m short side. The higher up the levels you go the less time you have to think about what is coming next. In my lessons last week and also today the focus has been on riding the short side. I […]