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  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

  • Feederwatch!


    November 1st, the Birds Canada Feederwatch starts . I am looking forward to it and I have already started to look at which birds are coming to our feeders. This is my response to the Whatsoever is Lovely challenge from Xingfu Mama. These little birds are so lovely to me.

  • Sunday Stills: All Puffed Up!

    Sunday Stills: All Puffed Up!

    The weather here has been very cold . All the little birds come to our feeder to tuck in .When they go for a rest in the nearby trees they puff up to keep warm. I am sharing some photos for Terri’s Sunday Stills

  • My Pick is: Our Visitors

    My Pick is: Our Visitors

    We live in a Covid zone that has been designated as RED. We are not in a lockdown just restricted. But the restriction on visitors does not apply to birds and squirrels. We are able to see many of these visitors from our kitchen eating area . This winter I have joined the Project Feeder…