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  • Spring 2022  arrives at last!

    Spring 2022 arrives at last!

    Their arrival is one that brings joy!

  • Stills and video on a Spring Sunday!

    Stills and video on a Spring Sunday!

    Terri has given us the suggestion of Fabulous Seasonal Flowers for Sunday Stills. Here in Ontario we have only small hints of spring. The weather has been cold and last week we had a blizzard! Snow everywhere! But all the flowers I am going to show you survived! That survival, in itself, is fabulous! And…

  • Not all daffodils are yellow. FOTD

    Not all daffodils are yellow. FOTD

    Most of the daffodils in our garden are yellow but last fall I put in some bulbs of daffodils that are not entirely yellow and now they are here. I have seen several lovely photos of bright pink flowers posted by other bloggers. I am a bit late to the party but here is my…

  • How to Live like a Daffodil

    How to Live like a Daffodil

    Yesterday I posted about the sudden disappearance of our spring weather. The poor daffodils were weighed down with wet snow. In the afternoon the snow had gone but several of the daffodils’ stems had broken. I went out and cut them off short , put them in a small mug with water. Some were still…

  • This is Spring!

    This is Spring!

    We have had some above average warm weather and the flowers are blooming . Here are some from our garden.Does anyone know what these little beauties are ? Here are two small tulips that were opened up to let in the sunlight. Here are the daffodils! They are looking out and saying ;“Hello World!” All…