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  • Will there be life after Lockdown?

    Will there be life after Lockdown?

    Last year the lockdown was taken very seriously. Everyone really did stay home. There were almost no commercial planes flying over head , there was little to no traffic on the roads. But now, in the Third Wave and Third Lockdown people are more lax about it all. I think most people are still abiding […]

  • Have you got Covid Fatigue?

    Have you got Covid Fatigue?

    I have Covid Fatigue but I have a solution.

  • The Unsung Heroes of Covid 19

    The Unsung Heroes of Covid 19

    There are many unsung heroes in the Pandemic but today there is one group that has a special place in my heart. All schools in Ontario have been closed since the start of the lockdown in March. Recently parents were notified there would be a day to come to the school and collect your child’s […]

  • Ridin’ the Range Once More!

    Ridin’ the Range Once More!

    Back in the saddle again, just like Gene Autry!