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  • Para Equestrian Competition is underway!

    Para Equestrian Competition is underway!

    “He stayed with me and was a good champion”

  • Meet the Canadian Paralympic horses!

    Meet the Canadian Paralympic horses!

    When Alan Manning, the Canadian Team veterinarian, posted some nice photos of the Paralympian horses I thought you would like to meet them all. So here they are. I think these Paralympian horses are a very handsome group and they will all do their best for their riders. Today, August 25,will be the first veterinary…

  • Meet the Canadian Para Equestrian Team!

    Meet the Canadian Para Equestrian Team!

    A team of four Para dressage riders and their horses will be competing for Canada in Para Equestrian at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. This post is a copy of an article on the Para equestrians from paralympic.ca      Lauren Barwick (Aldergrove, BC) & Sandrino, Winona Hartvikson (Langley, BC) & Onyx, Jody Schloss (Toronto,…