Belinda Trussell: Competing at Global.

The next day Belinda competed in the Intermediare 1. Belinda plans to do more showing with Lana and I will be posting an interview with her before their next show.


“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday.”

Biasini Speaks: Teaching Dave the Trails.

Hello again Dear Humans! This week I was given a teaching job. I was asked to go with Ma Leueen into the forest with Coach Belinda, riding her horse Dave and Super Groom Lexi walking beside Dave. Ma Leueen told me that my job was to give him confidence as he was not used to…

Biasini Speaks: Blue is my color!

Hello Dear Humans. Recently Ma Leueen has got me some nice saddle pads and polo wraps that match them . They are very fancy and very nice. I have noticed that my friend Touchie has some that are very similar. So I was feeling happy that I had these smart pads and polos. But then…

Doing it Alone

Emergency lockdown. No riding lessons allowed. I am “doing it alone.” And how is that going? Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Monday I got on Biasini and started to walk around the arena. We got up to the far end and his head shot up in a Giraffe imitation and he began to snort….

Did they feel safe? Competition in the Pandemic. II

This past weekend there was a dressage show organized by Caledon Dressage at the Angelstone showground. You may have seen my previous post about this show. I have to say that the show organizer was absolutely on top of the Covid concerns and went to great lengths to make sure that anyone attending would be…

Biasini Speaks:This is Different!

Hello Dear Humans! I am back home. But things are very different here. I am in a new stall. I am in between two horses. On one side I have Serry. We have been to some shows together so I know him. He’s a good guy. The only odd thing about him is he has…