Here’s What We Left Behind!

I know that the temperatures in Ontario are mild for winter. But we caught a ripper of a storm before we left for Florida!Here are a few photos.

The little dark eyed junkos are sheltering from the blowing snow and high winds. This magnolia is against the side of the house so they are protected from the gales.Below you can see the blowing snow.

The little American Tree sparrow is also sheltering from the wind.

We are now in Florida until Mid April. As I mentioned before the weather at home is showing the effects of Global Warming and there are warmer temperatures and little snow. This may make life easier for those in South Ontario but there are unfortunately not so good consequences for wild life who depend on snow and ice during the winter. l listened to a program on the CBC this morning about that. It was not too encouraging but there were suggestions at the end on how we all can help to stop the rapid advance of Global Warming.





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