Where are the Veterans? Who do we remember?

Leading up to Remembrance /Veterans Day I will be paying tribute to some of the horses who have also served. and will be reblogging some posts. The beginning of this post is my idea of a battle with horses. It is fiction but I feel certain it is close to what actually happened back in the days of mounted cavalry.

In the hour just before dawn the troops assemble. The cavalry horses line up , side by side, they snort and paw, their riders give them a reassuring pat. “Whoa now son,” one says. “We’ll be on to victory in a minute.”  In his heart he knew that they could well be on to their death or worse but he did not want his brave horse to know that.


“Steady now.” The Commander used a low voice. The sun was just about to rise over the field. The farmer’s field that only a few months ago had grown wheat. Now the wheat was gone. Now it was to be the field of battle.

One horse begins to paw the ground anxiously. The foot soldiers are lining up behind them. And then……the sun rises above the morning mist. The standard bearer sits taller in his saddle. The drum roll. The bugle…

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  1. J.W.S. says:

    A fine tribute. Thank you.

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  2. Neal Saye says:

    Anne, what a fresh and unique perspective on Veterans Day! Thank you.

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    1. anne leueen says:

      I have more posts coming up that will focus on the horses who served.

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