Saturday Shopping Spree!

Yesterday Oakcrest Farm, where I ride, hosted a shopping opportunity with products by Albion, Equestrian Stockholm and Fairfax.

Saddles, girths, bridles, saddle pads, boots , breeches, shirts, jackets, winter vests!
Saddles and Equestrian Stockholm saddle pads.
More saddles and Equestrian Stockholm pads.

I already have some Equestrian Stockholm saddle pads and they not only look smart but they wash up well and wear well. So , of course, I had to get one more. And then I saw there were tendon brushing boots to match the pad! Had to get those as well. I don’t usually go all matchy matchy but then I saw a super light weight winter vest to match the pad. Had to get that as well! And this past week I had just retired one pair of breeches so I found myself a pair of grey Equestrian Stockholm breeches that fit me and were comfortable.

There were all sorts of nice veggie and fruit platers and sandwiches and desserts with soft drinks or wine to accompany the food.

My credit card did not pass out when it had to pay the total for my horse boots, saddle pad, vest and breeches.

A Saturday shopping spree. What a grand afternoon!





11 responses to “Saturday Shopping Spree!”

  1. Julie Upshur Avatar

    This sounds like a beautiful dream! Haha. I am always here for the matchy-matchy, but my credit card is not.

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  2. David Avatar

    Bad place. Bad place. (LOL) Trying to revive a credit card after it’s fainted, not easy. It just lays there like a piece of plastic. 😉

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      My credit card did not even whimper when I paid for the things I bought. And I’ve already used the saddle pad and breeches! I knew when I went in I would be buying stuff as I really love the Equestrian Stockholm products. So I told my credit card to “buck up” and brace itself. 🤣

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  3. Avery Avatar

    How grand indeed!!!

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  4. Lesley Avatar

    Sounds like a wonderful day, Anne!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      It was fun and today I will use the new saddle pad and boots on Biasini.

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  5. Anne Sandler Avatar

    So glad you had fun at your shopping spree. Leaving with no regrets is important.

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  6. Lillian-Keith Avatar

    Weekend shopping sprees are a lot of fun! Glad you found a lot of cool stuff 🙂

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