Riding from the Heart.

Tiffany Foster was the only Canadian to qualify for the two round individual final for the jumpers at the 2022 World Championship in Herning. She and her horse Figor went clear in the first round and had two rails down plus a time fault in the second round . They placed 12th.

 She did mighty fine and finished with a very respectable placement. It’s great to see a Canadian holding their own with the best in the world. To be part of the last group, the last 12 to jump at World Championships, that’s meaningful. I’m very proud of Tiffany

Chef d’equipe Eric Lamaze

Tiffany was thrilled with her horse Figor.

This has been such a great experience and I’m so proud of him. I loved my horse before, but I love him even more now. Everything that he did for me this week and the feeling that he gave me; that’s my number one takeaway. I’m so thrilled.”

Tiffany Foster

This is what riding from the heart means. It is not just about medals or ribbons or trophies. It is about the relationship with the horse.

This photo is one I took on the Derby Field in Wellington Florida last winter. Tiffany is riding Hamilton in this photo. I do not have any photos of the 2022 Championship Jumping in Herning.

Tiffany is the highest ranked female rider in the world. And she loves her horses, just as those of us who have no ranking, love our horses.


9 responses to “Riding from the Heart.”

  1. Eugenia Avatar

    Wow! Fabulous photo!

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  2. Rupali Avatar

    Wow! and you got wonderful shot. Anne.

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  3. Neal Saye Avatar

    Wow. So, so impressive. This is all foreign to me but so beautiful and encouraging.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I am happy to know that I can introduce you to the world of horses.

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      1. Neal Saye Avatar

        I am too, Anne! Thank you.

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  4. Kelly MacKay Avatar

    Congratulations to them. Well done

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Kelly.


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