The Liverpool Working Horse.(Repost)

I recently wrote a post about the horses who pulled the London cabs. I was reminded of this post that I wrote in July 2019.


This weekend our son, who lives in London, England, was visiting Liverpool and found a memorial to the horses that used to work the docks in that city. He sent me a photo of the statue that commemorates these horses.


There is also a plaque that tells the story of the working horses and the carters and their importance.

In case you are viewing this post on a phone or tablet here is what the plaque says. “This monument commemorates the 250 years service of the working horses of Liverpool. Hauling goods between the docks and warehouses, the horses worked in all weathers. During the Second World War Liverpool carters and their horses ensured the flow of food and fuel through the port. The carters were renowned for their handling skills and the phenomenal weights they hauled. Liverpool horses were considered the best…

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10 responses to “The Liverpool Working Horse.(Repost)”

  1. firnhyde Avatar

    The expression on this horse’s face is so beautifully captured!

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  2. cigarman501 Avatar

    I wish more people would recognize how important animals are to our lives. From their hearts, not just giving plaques.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I agree. Animals are very important in all our lives. Horses changed the course of human history.


  3. JD Avatar

    Beautiful post, Anne. These horses don’t get enough appreciation.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I agree. Thanks JD.


  4. Lesley Avatar

    I love this, Anne . . . the horse is magnificent and Liverpool is one of my favourite cities. I love how the design of this memorial shows exactly how it would have been, down to the cobbled road beneath its hooves.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you for commenting Lesley. I’m glad you liked this tribute to those working horses.

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  5. workinacresnothours Avatar

    What a beautiful memorial, I love reading historical things like this. In our town the old building (altered now) still stands where people parked their horse & carriage, whilst they went about their town business & a group of shops have the same ornate ceilings, it was once a huge saddlery shop now divided into smaller shops. Oh to go back to that how cool.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I also find it interesting to learn of things, especially horse related, in the past. Thanks for sharing the saddlery shop with the ornate ceiling. I would have liked to see that.


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