Book Review: What Happened to Frank?

What Happened to Frank is the first in the series of Meg Sheppard mysteries written my Vicky Earle. The novel opens with Meg Sheppard getting ready to ride one of the horses she has on her farm.Usually she loves to ride. But this day is not a usual day. It is the one year anniversary of the death of her husband, Frank Sheppard. While she is grooming her horse she gets a phone call from a woman in her grief support group. During their conversation the woman says it is good that Meg has accepted that Frank’s death was an accident.

But Meg has not accepted it was an accident. Frank’s car went off the road on a bend and plummeted down into the river below. But it was a clear day, with no weather issues that would have caused him to lose control of the car, on a road he knew so well. He had not been drinking and he was in good health. What happened? Meg cannot accept it was an accident.

Frank Sheppard was a government minister and several things he was trying to implement had made him some enemies. He was fighting for the environment and some of the powers-that-be, in the local town, were opposed to any controls on their business and their waste management. But did they dislike him enough to kill him? He also had cracked down on the use of drugs for racehorses and yet the trainer of his own horses was known to favor the use of one of those drugs. But would he kill Frank?

With someone following her in an ominous dark pickup truck and her dog being kidnapped Meg is certain there is a cover up. Someone wants her to stop looking for answers. But she has to find out what happened to Frank!

This is a quick paced and easy to read mystery. It carries you along as Meg investigates a series of possible suspects until she finds the answer to Frank’s death. And that answer is a surprise! I shall say no more!

Author Vicky Earle lives in South Ontario on a small farm . She and her husband have a small scale breeding program of Thoroughbred race horses.

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  1. I hope it come out in audiobook format.

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  2. I was reading it as it is a story itself 🙂. Feel like to read the book, but I feel I can’t get this book.

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    1. anne leueen says:

      I think it may be difficult to get it in India


      1. Ok maa. Also in the place I am residing, Muscat


        1. anne leueen says:

          My apologies Subbashini. I did not realize you lived in Oman. Not sure why I thought you lived in India. I’m afraid it would be difficult to get the book in Oman.


          1. It’s ok maa. 😍. Generally in India we can find many books also foreign authors books

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  3. Victoria Jeffery says:

    Thanks for a book for my reading list!

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    1. anne leueen says:

      You are most welcome!


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