Jaimey Irwin: The Horse, the Stars and Tokyo 2020.

Jaimey Irwin is one of the Canadian Dressage riders who is riding and competing with the goal of making the Canadian Dressage team for the Tokyo Olympics. I spoke with him about this qualification period.

You have declared for the Tokyo Olympics! Is this something that has been a long term goal for you?

Of course it has always been a goal to strive towards and something I always wanted to to. As long as the stars align of course. When you add the horse into the equation, right horse, right timing, then you hope the stars align and it will all work out.

Jaimey and Donegal at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival.
Photo Susan J. Stickle

Tell me about your horse Donegal.

Donegal is 12 years old now. I’ve had him since he was 3. We put together a group to buy him and maintain him through those years. The plan was to develop him and see what he could do.  Every horse does not make it to Grand Prix.  But now Donegal is a Grand Prix horse so it has worked out well for the Team Irwin syndicate and it has been a fun adventure. To get a horse to GP the horse has to be able to withstand the advanced work and the stress of that work and the stress of competing. They need to be hot enough (in their temperament)  but not too hot. And they must be healthy otherwise. You see lots of young horses, who look like they have talent, but they do not make it to Grand Prix. Donegal has quite the personality. He likes people but he has to  get to know them.  He is a very sensitive horse, a  great horse, but he is the one who makes the decision to let you in. He’s very reactive but also sensible and smart.

What are your plans for shows this season in Florida?

 We want to pace ourselves through the season. We will look at each show as an independent competition. We will  look and see and decide from there. We’ll see how it’s going.We only did one CDI last year with Donegal and  now one this year. So he was a bit fresh and feisty  for the beginning of the year.There is lots of room for improvement which is exciting.  But the scores have been good even with the improvement needed. He has a very good passage, good trot half pass, good walk. Good everything! He’s a really cool horse.

Jaimey and Donegal
Photo Susan J. Stickle

Do you find a qualification competition season like this stressful?

Stress? Sure, it adds it for sure. The Olympics only  comes  around once every 4 years. If you have the right horse you want to try for it. You have to strategize what shows you do. You have to balance , enough shows but not too many. That all adds stress in a year like this .

Who is on your support team?

My wife Tina of course! Everybody who is part of the team especially our clients. Without Team Irwin we would not able to be down here in Florida.We could not do it independently so our clients (Team Irwin) are a big part. Very supportive. I have also been working with Olympian Robert Dover who has been very helpful. The vets, the farrier, the sponsors are all part of the support team.

Jaimey and Tina Irwin

Best wishes to Jaimey and Donegal. May the stars line up and give you a path to Tokyo.

*Thank you to Susan Stickle, the official photographer of Adequan Global Dressage Festival for allowing me to use two of her photos of Jaimey and Donegal.*


10 responses to “Jaimey Irwin: The Horse, the Stars and Tokyo 2020.”

  1. MAP195 Avatar

    nice post

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  2. Nature on the Edge Avatar

    A nine year partnership – horse and man must know each other so well. They sound a formidable team; I’ll keep an eye out for the dressage schedule of events and hoping the Olympics go ahead this year.

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  3. Subbashini Meenakshi Sundaram Avatar

    It is wonderful to know horses have their own talents and they love to show it, I learned this only through this blog otherwise I would have just thought horses runs fast or they will do accordingly who trains them. Now I can understand horses think and do by their own you had told through your various posts maa. Very excited to know about these persons they are winners and super persons of this earth, they are handling very difficult situation. My prayers to them. Everyone should be happy 🙏🏻

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Subbashini. I’m glad I have introduced horses to you. They are all individual. Your prayers will be appreciated.😀🐴

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  4. Jeff Rab Avatar

    I sure hope the Olympics go on! I heard on the news, for what that’s worth, the virus may shut down parts of the Olympics…. Fingers crossed for no!!!!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I heard the Canadian head of the OC in Canada and he was speaking on the CBC about it. I hope it will not be shut down. So many athletes have worked so hard. In four years they may be too old or unable to continue with that level of training etc. For horses it is the same they have a short life span in which to compete. Many would be too old four years from now. 😥

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      1. Jeff Rab Avatar

        I hope so too!!

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  5. susiesopinions Avatar

    I am sure they will do well.

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