Monday Minstrel: Perspectives on Inspiration

At the barn the washroom has several inspirational quotes on the wall. If you are a woman , you sit down and see a selection of quotes such as…


But if you are a man you stand and face a different wall and see just one quote. This one….

Several of the men I know have found this very amusing. It all depends on your perspective I guess. Happy Monday everyone!


11 responses to “Monday Minstrel: Perspectives on Inspiration”

  1. Nurul Fitri Lubis Avatar

    Beautiful quote, Anne. Thank you for sharing these lovely words. It brightens my day.

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  2. Subbashini Meenakshi Sundaram Avatar

    I too like, “Be your own kind of beautiful” though written for men I believe this thought gives us so much 💜

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  3. Just Tips and Stuff! Avatar
    Just Tips and Stuff!

    😁 I like that!

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  4. dprastka Avatar

    Hehe, good inspirational quotes!!

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  5. Gavin & Wyatt Avatar

    Old barns represent stories of life. These words represent life lessons. Well done!

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  6. Irene Avatar

    “giggle” 😁

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  7. N Avatar

    These are all quotes we so often but once in a while at the right time, we remember them and truly understand the wisdom.

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  8. David & Laura Speer Avatar

    Love all the quotes, were both really into quotes. Dave says he would laugh if he saw that and crack jokes all day on being beautiful.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Haha! Yes that was the sort of response from the gentlemen who saw it one of whom was my husband! Thanks for commenting

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      1. David & Laura Speer Avatar

        Yep, always enjoying your posts.

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