Monday Minstrel: Celebration

Being alive everyday is blessing enough to celebrate everyday.”-—Terry Mark

Celebration! This week iScriblr has given us the word Celebration as her Freedom of Expression challenge and asks us to write a blog post about what it means to us. Well, for me celebration is being able to ride my horse; to ride, to train and to compete with him. Every day , no matter how I may be feeling when I get to the barn when I see my horse and ride I feel better. To be honest ,every ride, whether it is competing in a test at a show, going on a trail ride or in a training lesson, all the rides are celebrations.

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The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

——– Oprah Winfrey.

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  1. A perfect celebration

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  2. I could not agree more with the quotes, Anne.. I love them..

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  3. Emma Cownie says:

    Great quote – I am a big fan of Oprah.

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  4. Cheers to your splendid message.

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  5. Lovely post with lovely message

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  6. I like that quotation from Terry Mark, simple and true, that’s a keeper! 🙂

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  7. dprastka says:

    A good reminder to celebrate each day! ❤️🐴

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  8. Avery says:

    Yes! You speak the truth!

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    1. anne leueen says:

      Thank you Avery. I know you know it to be true!🙂

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  9. Megala says:

    Thanks much for sharing a fantastic post, esp. Oprah Winfrey’s quote, it is truly uplifting on a Monday.

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    1. anne leueen says:

      You are most welcome! I’m glad you liked it. Have a good week.

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  10. Nilzeitung says:

    viel glück dabei!!!!!!!! Toll,.-,.-,.-

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  11. cigarman501 says:

    It is good to have something or someone to raise your spirits. Beautiful Horse, beautiful friend.

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    1. anne leueen says:

      Thank you. He is a beautiful horse and a good friend as well.


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