Playing the WEG cards close to the chest.

Playing your cards close to your chest does not mean you are cheating or being deceptive. You are just not putting it all out there for the world to see. How am I applying this to the lead up to the World Equestrian Games (WEG)?  The cards are the combinations of horses and riders that will be competing. Soon the teams will all be announced and we will know which riders and horses are  going. Even now we can have a pretty good idea of who will be on some of the teams. The top riders from Germany, Netherlands, USA and Great Britain are familiar to anyone who is a dressage observer. We also know their horses. Some riders, such as Germanys’ Isabel Werth have more than one horse to choose from. Others have only one.

What is interesting about this WEG is that we have seen very little of the horses and riders competing against each other.  Last week at Aachen, the riders from the USA competed on the horses they will ride in Tryon at WEG. But Isabel Werth did not ride her number one horse. She rode another of her top horses. Also, in the CDI4* that took place alongside the Nations Cup competition, she rode her personal favourite Bella Rose who has returned after a long recovery from injury. Rumor has it that she has asked to have Bella Rose considered for the German team at WEG.

Isabel Werth on Bella Rose last week at Aachen. Photo credit Ken Braddick Dressage-News.

The British did not compete at Aachen. Neither did the Dutch.  They have competed in their own national championships.  We know that Charlotte  Dujardin has a new horse that has scored 80% and Carl Hester has a new horse that has been right behind Charlotte’s.

Charlotte Dujardin riding Mount St.John Freestyle. (photo
Carl Hester riding Delicato.  Photo credit Dressage-News.

But how will the British horses do against the Germans? Or the Dutch? Or the Americans? It will not be until they actually go into the ring at Tryon that we will know.

That’s the fun of it really!


9 responses to “Playing the WEG cards close to the chest.”

  1. Emma Cownie Avatar

    Interesting that riders are “playing their card close to their chests” like this. I am used to the idea that footballers and the like study the opposition and work out their strengths and weakness, but hadn’t thought about it in a sport like this.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      It is just my personal opinion but in a judged sport it may be important as judges no matter how fair they try to be,will form opinions of which horse rider combinatons are stronger/weaker etc. Thanks for commenting Emma I always appreciate your engaging with the posts.

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      1. Emma Cownie Avatar

        Thank you, Anne.

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        1. anne leueen Avatar

          Having thought more about your original comment it is worth noting that the Americans came to Europe to compete as part of their selection process. Their national federation and team coaches felt it was important for them to get exposure in Europe and be seen by the judges there and compete against the Europeans. Team USA will be chosen on the basis of previous scores and the scores they achieved in Europe.

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          1. Emma Cownie Avatar

            I read this article today and thought of you, Anne. Such beautiful and noble animals but fewer and fewer of them.

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          2. anne leueen Avatar

            This is sad and parallels the decline in horses in our lives over the previous two centuries. Oddly
            enough there are more heavy horse in the US than in Britain . There is a movment in the US to return to using horses as farm animals for ploughing and harvesting. This is not a huge movement obviously but it is one that it growig in popularity. There is also a big show circuit with heavy horses in the US and Canada. The have six horse and eight horse classes as well as single horse with cart etc.

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          3. Emma Cownie Avatar

            I am glad that there are still plenty of big horses in the US.

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  2. Austen Avatar

    I’m so excited to see how it all plays out!! Aachen got me really excited. 🙂


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