Biasini Speaks: What an Ordeal!

Hello Dear Humans! I had a gas trick scope this week. Have any of you had one of those?  Ma Leueen told me the day before that I could not eat all night and the next day they were going to put a little camera down into my stomach to see if the stuff I’ve been taking to clear up the all sirs or ull sirs …whatever.  I didn’t think too much about that but I wasn’t too happy to hear about no food.

Before it got dark Barn Manager Carl took Penelope and me over to the quarantine barn. That’s when I realized Ma Leueen had  been serious about the no food thing.  And…there were no shavings in the stall. I will eat shavings if there is nothing else so the humans had already thought of that.  I had a water bucket though so at least I could drink.

Penelope is a little brown and white pony. She used to be my neighbor in the barn last year. She never stops talking.

“Why are they starving us Beebs? We haven’t done anything to deserve this! On the count of three lets give them a big scream and then they will come and give us something to eat. One…Two….Three…” and then she let out one of those piercing Penelope shrieks.  “Beebs! What is WRONG with you? You didn’t even squeak! Do I have to do everything myself?”

So that’s how things went Dear Humans. Penelope was roaring and shrieking most of the night.  Sleep was impossible.

The next morning Ma Leueen came in to get me. But she came with a vet. I knew it was a vet because she smelled like a vet. Ma Leueen told me she was Dr. Sarah. Then they walked me back to the barn. Penelope wished me luck. She knew it was a vet too.

Then they put  me into the wash stall and I could see they had a bunch of stuff laid out. “Oh no,” I thought “What now?”  Then Dr, Sarah gave me a needle into my neck. I did feel a bit more relaxed but I was not going to give in to that feeling. I wanted to know what was going on!  Then I saw the  tube. No! No! NO! I barged out of the wash stall and dragged Ma Leueen with me.  Then they ganged up on me and led me back to the wash stall.  Dr. Sarah gave me another needle in my neck. I started to feel sleepy but I was still keeping one eye open!

Now Barn Manager Carl had taken hold of my lead rope. Dr. Sarah had an assistant person called Erin and she  was coiling up a long black tube and handing it to Dr. Sarah. Then barn person Lexi came to help as well.  Dr. Sarah started to push the tube up my nose. UP MY NOSE!!! I tried to take my thoughts somewhere else but it was not easy and I still wanted to keep one eye on these Humans!

“I don’t like the look in his eye,” Dr. Sarah said. “I think he might still try to barge out of here. I’m going to give him another shot.”  DARN! She had seen my watchful eye! Out came the tube and another needle went into my neck. Off to snooze land. I could still hear them talking but it sounded like they were very far away. Far, far away…… they were talking about my stomach and Dr. Sarah said it was perfect. Perfect. I had a vague feeling of the tube moving about a bit but to be honest I did not care . Did…. not…. care.


Next thing I knew the tube was out and everyone was all smiles. I had Dr. Sarah and Ma Leueen walk me back to my stall and I went to sleep.  I dreamed about a nice alfalfa mash topped with cut up carrots.  It was a lovely dream. But when I woke up there was no mash. But wait…..Ma Leueen saw I was awake and fed me a small portion of my mash. But there were no carrots. Oh well.

Later I got to go out to my paddock and tell all my friends about my ordeal and my perfect stomach.

And just in case you think my entire week was a washout look at what else we did. See these tiny jumps? We did those.


Ma Leueen had me canter over them and I did it very well. I’d like to do some bigger jumps but  Ma Leueen says she is too old. Oh well, she is older and I do have to look after her.

Till next time, Dear Humans!


9 responses to “Biasini Speaks: What an Ordeal!”

  1. Jeff Rab Avatar

    Love, love, love this! Great story you tell, Biasini! Read it twice, for good measure! Glad your stomach is Ok! Just lay off the shavings, big ‘un! There’s better ways than that to get your fiber!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Biasini replies: Thank you Jeff Human. Under normal circumstances the humans give me lots of hay and a nice alphalfa mash to eat but if there is no food then I do start nibbling at the shavings. Yes, yes, I know it is not good for me! I’m glad you enjoyed my telling the story though.

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  2. raynotbradbury Avatar

    Dreamed about alfa Alfa mash 😁😁 glad Biasini is fine and who doesn’t feel a vet… they smells like hospitals from miles away 🙂 my dogs doesn’t like them much either

    Liked by 1 person

    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Yes same with our little dog. She was with me when the scoped Biasini and she stayed right beside me throughout in case she needed to defend me from the vet or .more likely to defend her from the vet!!😃

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      1. raynotbradbury Avatar

        Haha can imagine that 😂😉

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  3. Avery Avatar

    Glad he has cleared up. Do you have a game plan or a new plan for trying to keep him that way?

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Yes he will do two weeks on the 1/4 dose of Gastrogard and then he will stay on omega alpha’s Regener EQ. DR Shaw suggested that and a couple of other products. As i already know and like Omega Alpha i’ll go with that. For showing and shipping he will go onto a half dose of Gastrogard.

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  4. Susan Towns Avatar
    Susan Towns

    poor wee man, and how is mom? Hope you are back to good health, turning heads in the show ring. Hey Beautiful chic how are you too!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Biasini replies:” thank you Susan Human. I am quite well and will be in the show ring in a few weeks. At least that is what Ma leueen tells me!”🐴. Beautiful chic replies:” Susie i will miss you at any shows we go to this summer. I enjoy your FB photos and posts. All the best to you!🌼

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