Monday Minstrel: The Outlier

The Outlier was painted by Frederic Remington in 1909. The artist was a friend of Theodore Roosevelt’s and the President said this of him: “He has portrayed a most characteristic and yet vanishing type of American life.”

Seen from the perspective of the 21st century this is so very true. The herds of buffalo on the plains, the Wild West, the open spaces, the Native Americans way of life, it  has all changed and for the most part  has now “vanished.”

Remington was very popular in the North East of America as people became fascinated with the romance of the Wild West and struggle for survival that played out there.

Here is what Tamsin Pickeral says of the painting in her book “The Horse. 30,00 Years of the Horse in Art.”

“The Outlier, the lone Native American on his white faced horse, is a poignant symbol of defiance and pride in the face of a shrinking  world. The man and his horse stand calm and alone, staring out of the canvas at those looking in.”


The Outlier   Frederick Remington ( 1861-1909)  Brooklyn Museum of Art.


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  1. inaloveworld says:

    It looks great! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. (HorseLover4Ever) Elizabeth says:

    Very interesting! I love his style.

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  3. His work is great! It really took me back to the movie Spirit for some reason!

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  4. lulu says:

    His use of color in this painting is quite a departure from much of his work.

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    1. anne leueen says:

      I did not know that. There are two of his paintings in the “Horse ” book and I must confess that is my only knowledge of him. Thank you for this. I shall look up some more of his work now.


  5. We just adore Remington’s work. This piece shows the connection between the brave and his steed.

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    1. anne leueen says:

      I have had a couple of comments on Remington and his work. I must confess other than this painting and another in the Horse book I am not familiar with him but now I will look him up. Thank you.

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  6. cigarman501 says:

    I always loved Remington. His works captured the spirit of the times if not the true history of the times.

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    1. anne leueen says:

      There have been a couple of comments about Remington. Other than this painting and another in the Horse book I am not familiar with him but now I will look him up. Thanks for this comment!


      1. cigarman501 says:

        I think he and Buffalo Bill Cody are responsible for the our less than accurate view of the old West. More so Cody and then there were the dime novels.

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        1. anne leueen says:

          Later this week I’m posting a book review of a woman who rode 800 miles through Colorado in 1873. It’s a wonderful story and an adventure but I. Think also a good description of life in the West at that time. She had an encounter with Mountain Jim who was apparently a colorful character and desperado of the time.

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