Monday Minstrel: Blank’s success at the Stud.

Last week I introduced Blank, a racehorse whose career on the track was so lack luster they did not even give him a name hence: Blank.   But he was bought by Peregrine Bertie, the 3rd duke of Ancaster, for his well known Stud at Grimsthorpe Castle. Here Blank became a much sought after stallion as his progeny had great success.  Last week’s portrait of him showed him in a curious blanket outfit and possibly that was from his  time as a racehorse.

This painting was done by the very famous horse painter Stubbs in 1761 and was presumably commissioned by the Duke of Ancaster himself. This is the stallion Blank! He looks like a much prouder horse here. The title of the painting is : “Blank with Old Parnam.”  The original hangs in the great hall of Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire, England. ‘Old Parnam’ must have been a fit  and not-so-old fellow to handle this active and energetic stallion.


If you would like to compare this painting with the one of Blank from last week click here.

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  1. elizabethhorselover4ever says:

    Very interesting!!! 🙂

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