Crops! Whips! And Canes!


This week the photo challenge from Word Press is “Names”.¬† As soon as I saw this I thought of a shop on New Oxford Street in London, England. This is one of those classic old world shops that sell items that cater to the connoisseur. The shop has an amazing selection of elegant and practical umbrellas, as well as canes and walking sticks. And…Riding crops and whips!


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  1. What a fun store to vistit!!


  2. nathaswami says:

    Do thoroughbred horses really need whips?


    1. anne leueen says:

      Good question. The racing crops or bats are specific to racing. They are heavier than the short crops used by the jumpers and they are more flexible. I don’t know how hard the jockeys are hitting the horses. It may look hard but may actually not be that hard and may be more of a cue to the horse that now is the moment for a bigger effort. In dressage we use a longer thinner and lighter whip that is used to tap the horse on the hindquarters to ask for more engagement of the hind end. I believe that the whip or crop should never be used to beat any horse. I don’t ride Biasini with a whip as I do not think he needs it. I would like to believe that all riders are kind to their horses but sadly the truth is that many horses are mistreated.

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      1. nathaswami says:

        Thank you for your detailed reply.

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  3. What a find! It’s possible that we saw that shop some years ago when visiting London. It seems familiar. We also saw one that had amazing luggage.



    1. anne leueen says:

      London still has shops like this. Near the British museum there are also some amazing book shops with books everywhere and staff that can find some special book for you when you ask.

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  4. This is one of my favourite shops in London!


    1. anne leueen says:

      that’s terrific. It is one of those London gems!


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