A Visit to the Royal Winter Fair

“Are you going to the Royal?”  That’s the question asked in horse barns, dairy farms, and downtown Toronto  at the beginning of November. The Royal Winter Fair ,held every November in Toronto,is the world’s largest combined indoor agricultural and equestrian show.Exhibitors and competitors come from all over North America and for the Royal Horse Show from Europe as well. Opening in 1922 it had 22,000 visitors that year. Now it has over 300,000! In the ten days of the Fair there are 2,000 agricultural competitions and over 5,000 animals.  And….1,100 pounds of cheese entered into competition at the Royal in 2016!

Basically the Royal has it all. Shopping, animals large and small , vegetable huge and diminutive, cheese of all kinds, and a world class horse competition with  jumpers, dressage, hunters, heavy horse, hackney ponies. Where else can you see all of that? Parents with infants in strollers, wide eyed school children and adults of all ages can walk through the Horse Palace and stand next to the 2000 pound giants of the horse world.They can watch them being groomed and harnessed and hitched to the wagons. Then comes the thunderous clatter over the cement floors as these magnificent horses walk on their dinner plate sized  and metal shod hooves toward the competition ring. Parents hastily pull back the strollers, children scuttle a safe distance back and the  adults  watch with wonder. These gentle giants look down from their lofty height with a kind eye on the  spectators.

If you visit the Royal here are a few of the things you will see.

Sheep and wool competition.

1000 pound pumpkins and small  squash and bizarre carrots!

Shopping for the equestrian and for the farmer and for the adventurous.

Dairy cattle, beef cattle and cattle auctions. Millions of dollars change hands for these valuable , prize winning cows. A Royal win can increase the value of an animal by 25-50 percent.

Education programs for the hundreds of schoolchildren who visit the Royal.


Shops with lots of Christmas gifts to buy for the younger horse lovers.

And then there is the Royal Horse Show. This is  chance to see horses that are not in every horse show. The harness, the wagons, the tremendous work put into the grooming of the horses is something to see.

Clydesdale Six Horse Hitch
Percheron and cart


Clydesdale waiting to be hitched up to the wagon.

At the other end of the spectrum…..the Hackney ponies!


There is also international jumping competition, and dressage.

Warm up ring for the jumper and dressage competition.This ring also has the breed class competition.
Olympic dressage rider Megan Lane

While waiting for the competition you can get your photo taken with an Olympic rider like Belinda Trussell who was signing autographs at the Paramount Saddlery stand.


If you do not want a live horse there is plenty of horse inspired artwork for sale.


Finally something I have not seen anywhere else…..the Butter Sculptures. The sculpting is done inside a refrigerated room but you can see through the glass and watch the sculpting. This one ,called “counting sheep”, won First Prize.

And that , Ladies and Gentleman, is the Royal Winter Fair. If you are in or near Toronto in early November this is something not to be missed.



5 responses to “A Visit to the Royal Winter Fair”

  1. Centered in the Saddle Avatar

    We have lots of butter sculptures in Wisconsin, particularly at county fairs. 🙂


    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Great! I thought they must do it elsewhere as the sculptors are so good at it. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Candice~Marie Avatar

    That looks like a really good and interesting time, I would definitely be checking that out. This is the first I’ve heard of butter sculptures. I’ll be googling that shortly.


  3. Gbolabo Adetunji Avatar

    These are very lovely and entertaining pictures. They remind me of the Royal Ascot. I had no idea that Canada has a Royal Winter Fair.


    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Yes some of it is similar to Ascot. But you can walk through the cattle barns and chat with dairy farmers who are there in their work gear and mucking out the cows. It is a wonderfully wide spectrum of things to see and do.

      Liked by 1 person

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