Monday Minstrel: The Pony Mad Child

Do you have a pony mad child? Here is some excellent advice from Tina Bettison in her book, “100 ways to live with a Horse Addict.” Beware of falling into the trap of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. No matter what your child’s friends have, you do not need a splendid, state-of-the-art horsebox that travels…

Monday Minstrel: The Male Horse Addict

In her book 100 ways to Live With A Horse Addict Tina Bettison outlines “Behavioural Differences Between the FMA ( Female Horse Addict ) and MFAs ( Male Horse Addicts). For Monday I give you one humorous mention of the Male Horse Addict. Have a Happy Monday!

The Pony Mad Child

Every little girls seems to become obsessed with ponies somewhere around the age of six to eight year old. Some then become obsessed with boys but the sensible ones stick with the pony addiction . For little girls their world of ponies is a mix of magic and myth, a fantasy where anything is possible….