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  • Monday Minstrel: spotted horses.

    Monday Minstrel: spotted horses.

    This is a photo of the spotted horses found in the Peche Merle Cave in Dordogne, France and dates to 25,000 BC. Here is a quote from Tamsin Pickeral’s book “The Horse . 30,000 years of the Horse in Art.” The spotted horses may have been an actual representation of horses in that area at…

  • Monday Minstrel: The horse in 17,000 BC

    Monday Minstrel: The horse in 17,000 BC

    There is and overriding sense of forward propulsion see in the procession of fine horses on the south wall of the Axial Gallery deep in the caves of Lascaux.These horses are going somewhere, heading purposefully round the smooth curve of the wall. Their prehistoric artist, working to the flickering light of a fat-burning lamp, used…

  • Monday Minstrel:The Horse Goddess.

    Monday Minstrel:The Horse Goddess.

    …it was critical to stay on the right side of any deities that governed the well being of horses…