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  • Squirrels are Survivors.

    Squirrels are Survivors.

    I know I buried some corn niblets somewhere. Let’s see if I can find them. I can smell them! They must be here somewhere. Yes! Yummy! This is my response to Xingfu Mama’s Challenge Whatsoever is Lovely Squirrels finding the corn niblets they buried in the early autumn and now are buried under the snow…

  • A Glimpse of Life from My Kitchen Window.

    A Glimpse of Life from My Kitchen Window.

    This past weekend I took part in the Great Backyard Bird Count. This is a world wide effort with thousands of people watching, identifying, counting, and reporting the birds they see. The final count is as follows: Species observed 6236 Completed checklists 302,400 World regions 253 Canada came in second place with 262 species observed…

  • Squirrels on Sunday

    Squirrels on Sunday

    We had about four inches of snow earlier this week. The squirrels come to our bird feeder and pick up what has fallen to the ground. But for the little squirrels it can be hard work getting down through the snow to the seeds. My little friend White Ears persisted however. The effort is worth…

  • I pick a ‘Wordless Winter Wednesday’

    I pick a ‘Wordless Winter Wednesday’

    This is my second response to Tina’s challenge “You Pick It”.