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  • Is the candle flickering?

    Is the candle flickering?

    I realized my candle was flickering.

  • Introducing…Ronnie Rollator!

    Introducing…Ronnie Rollator!

    Yesterday my friend Willie Walker went on to a new job of helping someone with a new injury. I now have a Four Wheeler with brakes and a seat! My physio had recommended getting a 4 wheeler so I could walk rather than having to step, stop, step , stop. So now I have Ronnie…

  • Don’t Even Go There!

    Don’t Even Go There!

    “I have a horse.” I said to the orthopedic surgeon. “Don’t even go there!” He said with a serious look. “When you come back in seven weeks and this fracture has completely healed we can talk about how to get you back on a horse. This was how my day started at the hospital Fracture…