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  • From Beijing to Biasini: My Photography Journey.

    From Beijing to Biasini: My Photography Journey.

    I started to take an interest in photography back in 1980 on a three week trip to China with a group of horticulturalists. That was back in the days of film. It came in handy little cannisters and you had to load it into your camera. On that trip to China I mastered the art…

  • Looking Back to Happy Memories

    Looking Back to Happy Memories

    This weeks Lens Artists Photo Challenge comes to us from Journeys with JohnBo. Since most of us are in lockdown he invites us to ‘go back’ and visit places through our photos. As many of you know I am missing my horse Biasini. He is only 15 minutes away by car but due to the…

  • Horse Photography

    Horse Photography

    You need to be quick! Horses will only be still for a second or two.