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  • CFFC: Animals unaware!

    CFFC: Animals unaware!

    This week Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Animals Unaware Click the link to see Cee’s post and other bloggers responses. Here are some photos of animals unaware they are being photographed. This squirrel has a big corn cob. Thanks for this fun challenge Cee. I had a grand time looking in my archives for these…

  • Cheeky Chippie Triptych:LAPC #201

    Cheeky Chippie Triptych:LAPC #201

    Three of a kind chippies!

  • Autumn: The Chipmunks prepare for winter!

    Autumn: The Chipmunks prepare for winter!

    The autumn leaves are changing color and falling to the ground. But that is not the only sign that Autumn is here. The Chipmunks are busy! They hibernate in their underground homes for the winter. Now you can see them filling their cheeks with seeds and nuts which they take down to their lairs to…