Naig — Animals in Scots #12 — Jez Braithwaite

Jez Bratihwaite has an ongoing series of posts on the Scots words for various animals. Very entertaining and I had to share this one …the Naig! Check out Jez’ blog to see more animals names . Hi all 😁 Naig (horse) is today’s animal in Scots. Naig — Animals in Scots #12 — Jez Braithwaite

We Have a Puppy!

As many of you may know we had to say goodbye to our little mini-Schnauzer, Tia, last April when she became ill. Not having a dog left a hole in our lives, especially for my husband,David, who used to take Tia everywhere with him. So in May we got in touch with Irene Wessler, of…

“Horse Behavior and Training” Book Review

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“He’s spooking to get out of the work! Just kick on! KICK ON!”   I have heard that, or something similar dozens of times. Dozens of times I have done it myself. I just kicked on.  But it does not work for every horse and my horse Biasini is one of the…

Book Review: Getting in TTouch by Linda Tellington-Jones.

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We all want to understand our horses better don’t we?  We can’t get them to talk directly to us but we can learn a lot by observing them. This book by Linda Tellington-Jones is an entertaining way to understand your horse’s personality.  The main focus is on observing the physical structure…

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

This week the lens-artist challenge #58 from Patti Moed is Old, New, Borrowed and Blue. On a wedding day the Bride should wear something from each of these categories for good luck. But as Patti points out these things can bring good luck any time. So here goes! OLD Back in the day transpost was…


Today I looked at the insights for Horse Addict and saw how many views there have been of the posts on the blog. Two Hundred Thousand plus! This may not be up there with the Social Media Influencers who have that many views on an hourly basis but for me it is a wonderful milestone….

Remembering the War Horses

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The War Horse is a memorial to the Civil War horse, designed by Tessa Pullan of Rutland, England, and given to the historical society by Paul Mellon. Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in…