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  • Ryan Torkkeli and his horses Sternie and Snoop Dog!

    Ryan Torkkeli and his horses Sternie and Snoop Dog!

      Ryan Torkkeli was a new Canadian Dressage rider to me at the World Championships in Herning. I tuned in and watched him ride and was impressed with his riding and his talented horse Sternenwanderer. So I was delighted when he agreed do an interview for me.  You grew up in Thunder Bay which is not exactly a place I think of as […]

  • WordPress and new themes!

    WordPress and new themes!

    So it seems I had to choose a new theme as my original theme had been “retired”. I find change of this sort difficult but I went ahead and chose a new theme. Somehow in the process I lost my quote that used to be at the top of the page. “The world is best […]

  • The Best Laid Plans….

    The Best Laid Plans….

    The best laid schemes of mice and men…..

  • CSI3* on the Derby field.

    CSI3* on the Derby field.

    Today I went to watch the CSI3* Grand Prix jumpers. The prize money sponsored by Florida Coast Equipment was $140,000. I found out that 40% of this goes to the winner and it may be split with the owner of the horse. The rest is divided between other people involved with the horse and rider. […]

  • Looking Back.LAPC

    Looking Back.LAPC

    I am getting this post in just under the wire as tomorrow there will be a new challenge for the week. But for this week Sophia gave us the photo Challenge of “Looking Back” . I am a believer in not looking back as I am not going that way but here goes. Here is […]

  • Helgstrand Horses: Show Jumpers and Dressage.

    Helgstrand Horses: Show Jumpers and Dressage.

    The evening at Helgstrand began with Ludger Beerbaum showing us two of his jumpers .The first was an 8 year old mare Evita Peron ridden by Maddie Rauschenback. Ludger told us the mare was not too experienced and yet the atmosphere in the arena did not seem to phase her at all. There were some […]

  • FOTD:Bougainvillia


    At the barn where Biasini is living in Florida they can have an entire hedge of bougainvillia. This vibrant color is stunning and it is hard to stay in a glum mood when you see it. Here is a closer look at the blooms. This is my response to Cee’s Flower of the Day photo […]

  • Monday Portrait. January 16

    Monday Portrait. January 16

    My Friend Biasini.

  • A Flying Horse

    A Flying Horse

    My son was in Vienna recently and sent me this photo. I was given no information about where this flying horse was or where he was going.

  • My Amazing Horse!

    My Amazing Horse!

    Today I had the pleasure of watching Lynsey Rowan have a lesson from Belinda Trussell on my horse Biasini. Of course I would like to be riding myself but to be honest watching is a great joy . The lesson started with canter work. What did I hear Belinda say most often? Ride with lots […]

  • The Show Season is up and running!

    The Show Season is up and running!

    Today I went to the opening Press Conference of the Winter Equestrian Festival and the Adequan Global Dressage Festival.  Michael Stone, President at Wellington International, Brianne Goutal -Marteau , Adrienne Lyle and Thomas Bauer,Director of Sport at AGDF were on the panel. Michael Stone was the first to speak. “Our focus is always on the […]

  • I am Official!

    I am Official!

    I will be intereviewing the Canadian Dressage Riders who have declared for the Pan Am Games in Chile.