Month: December 2022

  • I’m Taking a Blogging Break.

    I’m Taking a Blogging Break.

    While our son is visiting us it is time for a blogging break .

  • FOTD

    I know this is a tallgrass and not a flower but I think Cee will allow it in her Flower of the Day photo challenge. I may have entered this variegated grass in the FOTD challenge before. I love it because it is a survivor. It withstands the gale force winds of winter and the […]

  • The Great White North!

    The Great White North!

    Canada is sometimes referred to as the Great White North. Well yesterday, here in South Ontario , we had a blizzard that dumped 1 foot of heavy wet snow on us. Some places got off more lightly but where we live it gave meaning to that Great White North name. Here are some photos. Photo […]

  • What do I miss most?

    What do I miss most?

    If you follow this blog you will know I am not able to ride due to a hip injury and having worn out my 20 year old replaced right hip. Since riding is a huge part of my life not being able to ride has brought up some interesting things in my psyche. There are […]

  • LAPC #229 A Perfect Pattern

    LAPC #229 A Perfect Pattern

    This week Ann Christine has given us the Lens Artists Challenge of Perfect Patterns. Here is my response. I only have one photo but think it is a nearly perfect pattern. I think many of you will know where I found this perfect pattern. Do take a look at Ann-Christine’s perfect patterns and in the […]

  • My Friend has gone.

    My Friend has gone.

    I know that many of you read my post “Seize This Day” about my lifelong friend and our love of horses. I just heard this evening that she passed last night ( Friday December 9) in her sleep. I am so grateful that she passed peacefully. That is what I had prayed for.I would like […]

  • Biasini Speaks: Look at my trot!

    Biasini Speaks: Look at my trot!

    Hello again Dear Humans . Trainer Lynsey has been riding me this week and she had me do some Peeaff. Ah….Ma Leueen says it is spelled piaffe and it is not a word that I am allowed to use my own spelling. Lynsey didn’t have me do this piaffe thing because I am going to […]

  • Seize This Day!

    Seize This Day!

    It’s being here now that’s important. There’s no past and there’s no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now.” George Harrison I recently received some news that shocked me and reinforced the importance of living every day in the present moment. I have a friend who I have […]

  • My New Holiday Tradition

    My New Holiday Tradition

    Originally posted on HorseAddict:
    I am reposting this as every year   leading up to Christmas I read this book.  It is a wonderful reminder of how someone can turn their life around and how a person may rescue a Cat but that Cat can also rescue the person. There are two films that I always…

  • What is that “Certain Age”?

    What is that “Certain Age”?

    Recently I read this in Horse Sport magazine. How old is a woman of ‘a certain age’? According to a 1995 column in the New York Times, “only a Nosy Parker would try and find out.” A joke, of course, but one from a (hopefully) bygone era when women felt pressured to be coy about their […]

  • How to ride the Inter 1 Zig Zag

    How to ride the Inter 1 Zig Zag

    This week I asked Lynsey Rowan to show me the Intermediare 1 Zig Zag. This movement was always one that I struggled with when I was competing in the Inter 1 in 2019. I used to dread it when I knew it was coming up in the test. This is a tricky movement. Starting with […]