I visited the House of Horror!

A house near the town always goes all out for Halloween. This year they have lots of action in their House of Horror. I know that they ask for donations and all moneys always go to the local women’s shelter. What a great cause for Halloween!

My requests for Belinda Trussell

Last week Belinda Trussell rode Biasini. She mounted up and asked me if I had any requests! What would I like to see her do with Biasini. I asked for some canter half pass and then perhaps some work on pirouettes. Belinda agreed and then she warmed up Biasini. Once he was warmed up she…

Festival of Leaves Week 6

As you can see, week 5 was indeed my last week as I predicted it would be. This is the same section of road I have shown each week for the Festival of Leaves. We still have two smaller and younger trees with leaves. We planted these two maples when the older ones had to…

Thursday Doors

A few doors, one iconic and one airborne and one just a door.

Canadian Eh?

This past Sunday we went to watch our Grandson play hockey. They come onto the ice and do some practices first. Our Grandson is not an experienced skater as he had just started lessons back in 2019 and then Covid struck. But despite not being the best skater he loves the hockey skating. The coach…

Where did I find more leaves?

Friday was my day to ride Biasini in the forest trails. I set out with two others and we went into the forest trails. It was a perfect day with mild temperatures and a light breeze. When my other two companions had to return to the barn Biasini and I continued on. We were out…

The last of the leaves. Week 5.

This is week five of the Festival of Leaves. I think it may be my last week as the leaves are falling fast. Here is a photo of our road taken at the same spot as the previous weeks. You can see that several branches are bare. This next photo is taken of the trees…


November 1st, the Birds Canada Feederwatch starts . I am looking forward to it and I have already started to look at which birds are coming to our feeders. This is my response to the Whatsoever is Lovely challenge from Xingfu Mama. These little birds are so lovely to me.

Why are these my favorite Flowers? LAPC #221

This week Ann-Christine had given us the Lens Artists Photo Challenge of showing photos of our favorite flowers and and explaining why they are favorites. Do take a look at Ann Christine’s LAPC #221 post to see her beautiful photos of her favorite flowers. Click here to go to her post.