Biasini Speaks: A product review.

Hello Dear Humans. Usually Ma Leueen writes all the reviews of products but this time I am going to give my opinion. The product is made by Omega Alpha and it is called Gastra FX. I know you are amazed I could spell those words. Truth be told Ma Leueen typed them for me. Anyway……..

Monday Minstrel: Bucephalus and LAPC #198

What does the horse of Alexander the Great, Bucephalus, have to do with this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge? The challenge from Patti is Light and Shadow. Here is the reason it is relevant to this famous horse. Alexander the Great managed to tame the Thessalian horse.No one else had been able to do this….

That Rule of Thirds!

This week Tina has given us the Lens Artists Challenge of showing our photos that illustrate the Rule of Thirds. As you can guess this is where the main subject of the photo takes up one third of the photo on right or left , top or bottom. Well…. I looked through my archives and…

Spring is Emerging!

Terri has given the Sunday Stills challenge of “Emerging” this week Here is my response. Look who’s here with his breeding plumage emerging from the winter subtle colors. And in a few days he has emerged in his full yellow glory . The American Goldfinch has got a seed to eat from the feeder. Below…

Monday Minstrel: The horse in 17,000 BC

There is and overriding sense of forward propulsion see in the procession of fine horses on the south wall of the Axial Gallery deep in the caves of Lascaux.These horses are going somewhere, heading purposefully round the smooth curve of the wall. Their prehistoric artist, working to the flickering light of a fat-burning lamp, used…