Month: March 2022

  • Odds and Ends: Lens Artists Challenge #189

    Odds and Ends: Lens Artists Challenge #189

    On December 31st,1739, the budget showed 5,970 nails.

  • Nations Cup CSIO4*

    Nations Cup CSIO4*

    Last night I went to see the second round of the $150,000 Nations Cup presented by Premier Equestrian. Eleven nations competed in the first round with each team having four horse and rider combinations. The faults incurred would dictate who could go on to the second round to take place in the evening. The first…

  • She’s Still Smiling !

    She’s Still Smiling !

    Monica Monroy is a bright light at the barn everyday. She always has a smile and something positive to say. Monica is from Mexico and rides and trains in Wellington and works virtually at her job . 1.Tell me about your life journey with horses. When did you start riding? How and why did you…

  • Florida FOTD

    Florida FOTD

    This flowering tree is a Tabebuia Rosea or rosy trumpet tree.

  • Last on the card.

    Last on the card.

    Here is my “last on the card” for February. This is my response to Bushboy’s last on the card challenge. No editing or explanations. Here it is.