Month: November 2021

  • Olympian pretending to be a horse?

    Olympian pretending to be a horse?

    The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new!  Socrates When I was a kid I used to pretend to be a horse. I would be cantering around the living room and occasionally rearing up like the Lone Ranger’s horse Silver! But I […]

  • Follow Your Bliss LAPC #175

    Follow Your Bliss LAPC #175

    Follow your Bliss! Why not?

  • Reflections and Shadows: CFFC

    Reflections and Shadows: CFFC

    REFLECTIONS This photo was taken at the Barbican in London. My husband took it with my camera. You can see him on the right . Our son is in the center. You can see reflections of things in the room such as the overhead lights and also you can see outside to the buildings in […]

  • Winter Wednesday

    Winter Wednesday

    Late afternoon. The horses are all in from the paddocks. Inside the barn they are warm and cozy. They have had their dinners and are munching their hay, settling in for the night. Winter has arrived.

  • Monday Minstrel: Trigger and Roy Rogers.

    Monday Minstrel: Trigger and Roy Rogers.

    When I was a kid Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger were my favourites. I used to watch them on tv . Trigger made his name in films in the 1940s and 1950s and later several TV series with his owner Roy Rogers. Trigger learned more than a hundred cues for assorted tricks and could […]

  • Advice for Lady Equestrians (circa 1838)

    Advice for Lady Equestrians (circa 1838)

    1838’s Eight Things a Lady Equestrian Simply Should Not Do Do not ride the wrong-colored horse.“Of all colors presented by the horse, none is so rich, and, at the same time, so elegant and chaste, as a bright bay; providing the mane, tail and lower parts of the legs, be black.”“But much white, either on […]

  • Challenge Host Interview Series #18: Biasini and the Horse Addict

    Challenge Host Interview Series #18: Biasini and the Horse Addict

    Originally posted on Marsha Ingrao – Always Write:
    Welcome to Always Write. I am your hostess, Marsha Ingrao, creator, and editor of?Always Write and the Challenge Interview Series. It is a blog to reach and befriend like-minded bloggers. Today I have with me my Teddy Bear, Manny Ingrao, to interview our guest. “Hi, I’m Manny.…

  • Energy in! Energy out!

    Energy in! Energy out!

    So much energy needed….!

  • It’s all about Perspective.

    It’s all about Perspective.

    “It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.” -Thoreau

  • Now for Something Completely Different!

    Now for Something Completely Different!

    Dressage. This is a graceful sport with horses and riders appearing to glide through movements like dancers. But Hockey is a very different matter. Last weekend we went to see a live hockey game in Belleville . Our daughter, Breanne, is the V.P. of Sales and Marketing for the Belleville Senators team. This is a […]

  • Details!


    “Details create the big picture.”

  • Architecture LAPC #173

    Architecture LAPC #173

    This week Tina, of Travels and Trifles, has challenged us to show some photos of interesting Architecture! Here are some from London. Thank you Tina for this challenge. If readers would like to see some of the other interesting responses to this challenge click here to go to Tina’s site and see links to the […]