Month: July 2021

  • Horse shows!

    Horse shows!

    Always a pleasure to see these riders

  • “You won’t like your video.”

    “You won’t like your video.”

    I have no lesson video this week. I had a conversation about the video Belinda had taken in my lesson. The conversation went like this. Belinda:”You won’t like your video. But there were good moments in between. “ Me: “But you didn’t get those moments, the good moments, on the video?” Belinda: “No , I…

  • Team Horses are in flight to Tokyo

    Team Horses are in flight to Tokyo

    The Team horses for the Tokyo Olympics are on their way and many have already arrived safely. The Canadian Dressage horses have been in quarantine in Germany. The British Dressage Team horses flew to Japan from Liege. Here are a few photos. For more detail about how horses are loaded into the crates and what…

  • It’s Time for Tokyo!

    It’s Time for Tokyo!

    July 23, 2021 the Games will begin. Canada is sending 371 athletes and this is the largest team since the Los Angeles games in 1984. It seems almost unbelievable that, at last, these Olympics will actually take place. For the Equestrians there has been not only the Global Pandemic but a serious outbreak in Europe…

  • Pink! FOTD

    Pink! FOTD

    July is the month for PINK in the garden. I went out and took photos of all the lovely pink flowers. I know what some of these plants are but not all. I follow Bruce Ferguson’s blog In My Backyard. He always has the correct Latin nomenclature for all the lovely flowers he shares in…

  • A Mother’s Work is Never Done!

    A Mother’s Work is Never Done!

    I have seen a hairy woodpecker come to our feeder and get a black sunflower seed. She then takes it to a nearby tree and pounds it to break the shell. Then she feeds the seed to one of her “children”. I was amazed as they seem to be quite big. But is suppose they…

  • My Horse has infinite patience.

    My Horse has infinite patience.

    “Trying to understand is like straining through muddy water. Have the patience to wait! Be still and allow the mud to settle.” – Lao Tzu This week in one of my lessons with Belinda Trussell the mud settled. “You need more bend!” “More angle! Bring the hindquarters!” This is what Belinda would endlessly be telling…

  • On theWater. LAPC #155

    On theWater. LAPC #155

    In Cambodia even small black cats live on the water.

  • Our Neighbors: Wordless on Wednesday and Everyday!

    Our Neighbors: Wordless on Wednesday and Everyday!

    Our neighbours come over to the fence to see me ,from time to time, and one day I thought I would take some photos! They belong to the farmer who lives next to us.

  • Why must I be Uber Picky?

    Why must I be Uber Picky?

    I have to practice always being Uber Picky!

  • Looking through the lens again!

    Looking through the lens again!

    I look forward to seeing them both again.

  • Biasini Speaks: Blue is my color!

    Biasini Speaks: Blue is my color!

    Hello Dear Humans. Recently Ma Leueen has got me some nice saddle pads and polo wraps that match them . They are very fancy and very nice. I have noticed that my friend Touchie has some that are very similar. So I was feeling happy that I had these smart pads and polos. But then…