Why must I be Uber Picky?

  • Uber picky? This is a term my coach Belinda Trussell has used a lot lately. Essentially she is asking me to be VERY picky about every detail of my riding and Biasini’s response. So here is how to be Uber Picky turning onto the centerline to do a half pass.
  • As I come into the corner before a turn onto the centerline I must ask myself: Is he responding immediately to my leg aids? How is the contact? Is he leaning on one rein or the other or both? Where is his poll?( top of his head between his ears) Is the poll high enough? Is he round enough in his neck? Is he active enough with his hind legs?
  • I have to check all four quadrants; Biasini’s and my own.
  • If something is not right then the next movement, the turn into the half pass, will not be good enough. Something will be missing.
  • If I notice the contact is not right I must correct that immediately.
  • Here is a video where you can see I make a correction to the contact in the right rein as I turn onto the centerline going to the right. . Belinda sees it and is happy with my correction.

The Results of Uber Pickiness.

  • The half passes in both directions are OK.
  • I have achieved this without having to make a huge physical effort because we are both organized going into the half pass and my aids are clear so Biasini knows what I am asking for and he is able to do it.
  • So what does this mean?
  • It means that being Uber Picky produces good results! I must focus and go through that rapid fire checklist and solve any issues that are apparent. In fact, that checklist has to be there in my subconscious. That is why I have to practice, practice, practice being Uber Picky.

*feature photo by Lexi Bradbury*


5 responses to “Why must I be Uber Picky?”

  1. firnhyde Avatar

    Part of what makes dressage so lovely – and so difficult!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      We can never get bored. Thanks for your comment!


  2. David Avatar

    Uber picky … Trish calls it talking. Trish’s key to *talking* is not sending your mind through a checklist at warp speed but being instinctive about it all. So, what’s this talk about competing this summer??? I hope Biasini knows about it. 🐴🐎🐎🐴

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I have to admit that at 72 years of age

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    2. anne leueen Avatar

      Oops sent too soon . At my age it is notbso easy to get to the point where it is instinctive. It should be and some of it is but I am still working on it.

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