The Liverpool Working Horse.(Repost)

Originally posted on HorseAddict:
This weekend our son, who lives in London, England, was visiting Liverpool and found a memorial to the horses that used to work the docks in that city. He sent me a photo of the statue that commemorates these horses. WAITING by Judy Boyt (MA FRBS SEA) There is also a…

Trails, Paths,Roads and Canals. CFFC

I had to respond to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge! “Ground, sand, dirt, paths, walks, trails and roads” was Cee’s challenge. I have some trails and also two photos of different pathways in the East End of London . Here is my response.

The Blues! FOTD

The delphiniums have outdone themselves this summer. They already appeared in my post for the Sunday Stills but I think they deserve their own post as Flowers of the Day for Cee’s FOTD Challenge. Now for a different angle. I climbed up onto the flat topped rock and took a photo looking down on the…

Think #Pink for Sunday Stills.

Lots of pink in our garden to appear in Terri’s Sunday Stills color for June :PINK And I have to do a throwback to a previous Sunday Stills: Celestial. I was sitting on our back deck thinking pink and could not resist taking this photo. Celestial Clouds skimming across the sky.

The Pony Mad Child

Every little girls seems to become obsessed with ponies somewhere around the age of six to eight year old. Some then become obsessed with boys but the sensible ones stick with the pony addiction . For little girls their world of ponies is a mix of magic and myth, a fantasy where anything is possible….

Churchill was not the only famous Winston.

I recently got an interesting comment from Susan who had read my blog post “The Day I met a Cavalry Black”. In this post I had called the horse Winston. I had just made this up to be honest, as I felt he was such a nice fellow I should give him a name. But…

I am Celebrating 72 years!

June 9th, 2021, is my 72nd Birthday and I am celebrating it! I am delighted to have attained this age because 21 years ago I was not sure I would see even one year more. But I survived that major health challenge and I am still here. I have thought about my age and here…