Month: April 2021

  • The Goat Trail is Open!

    The Goat Trail is Open!

    With so much locked down the Goat Trail is still open!

  • The Outdoor! The Lockdown!

    The Outdoor! The Lockdown!

    Monday, April 5th, 2021 was a beautiful sunny day. I rode Biasini in the outdoor arena, my first time this year in the outdoor. A few weeks ago this arena was under two feet of snow. Then came the thawing and melting and it resembled a small lake! But now Carl, the barn manager, has…

  • The Boys are Showing Off!

    The Boys are Showing Off!

    I have had an entertaining time watching the antics at the bird feeder lately. The male birds are coming into their breeding season plumage. And they do look smart. The female remains a more subdued with just a small patch of color. Much better for being less visible when on the nest. The Goldfinch boys…

  • Discouraged? What comes next?

    Discouraged? What comes next?

    The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow. Robert Tew This past week I have had a struggle with my riding. I had one lesson this week when I could not get it together. My coach Belinda Trussell is always encouraging. But she also tells it like it is. Here is…

  • Geometry

    Geometry! Not my favorite subject in school but this week Patti has given us the Lens-Artists Challenge of Geometry. When I thought about it I realized that the discipline of Dressage has a lot of geometry in it. The dressage arena is a rectangle : 20 meters by 60 meters. At the lower test levels…