Month: April 2021

  • Who Decides What is Covid “Essential”?

    Who Decides What is Covid “Essential”?

    Essential . What does this mean? Here is the Oxford dictionary definition of Essential. 1 Adjective: absolutely necessary; extremely important: 2. Noun: a thing that is absolutely necessary But how does this definition apply during Covid? When Ontario went into a State of Emergency Lockdown big stores could only offer “essential” items for sale, all […]

  • Have you read Black Beauty?

    Have you read Black Beauty?

    Kathleen Walker-Meikle’s book, The Horse Book, has some background on the well known book Black Beauty. I loved this book as a child and thought I could share what she says about it here. The novel Black Beauty was written by Ana Sewell ‘to induce kindness , sympathy and an understanding treatment of horses’. Sewell, […]

  • I’m a Fan of Birdwatching!

    I’m a Fan of Birdwatching!

    This is my response to Jez’ I’m a Fan of … photo challenge. Information on the sparrows came from The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds. I have been recording all the birds I have seen at the feeders, each Saturday and Sunday, since December for the Birds Canada Winter Feederwatch project. Sadly […]

  • Biasini Speaks: We’re playing “get the halter off”.

    Biasini Speaks: We’re playing “get the halter off”.

    Hello Dear Humans! We had a day this week when it snowed! Yes! that was a shock for we horses. But I suspected it was going to be cold because Ma Leueen had put a warmer blanket on me the day before and when Therapy Person Lori put on my blanket for going out there […]

  • How to Live like a Daffodil

    How to Live like a Daffodil

    Yesterday I posted about the sudden disappearance of our spring weather. The poor daffodils were weighed down with wet snow. In the afternoon the snow had gone but several of the daffodils’ stems had broken. I went out and cut them off short , put them in a small mug with water. Some were still […]

  • The Weather Gods are Laughing!

    The Weather Gods are Laughing!

    This morning our 6 year old Grandson woke his parents at 6:15 am . “Guess what ? Mom,,,Dad,… There’s SNOW.” Well at his age this may be exciting but it is April 21st ! This is Spring’s little joke. The birds were not too happy about it and neither were the daffodils. Here are some […]

  • Taking Flight!

    Taking Flight!

    Taking flight. Tina has given us this challenge for the Lens Artists challenge #144. The usual response would be birds or planes but why not horses? These jumpers are truly taking flight. Thank you Tina for the chance to show some flying horses! For readers of this post do take a look at the amazing […]

  • Stars on Sunday

    Stars on Sunday

    The Star Magnolia!

  • Ride like you are in the Olympics!

    Ride like you are in the Olympics!

    I step on the ice and I get this feeling that I’m at the Olympic Games. I don’t just step out there in training and say: Here we go, another program. Brian Orser, former world champion and two time Olympic Silver medalist in men’s figure skating. I have never had the ambition to be in […]

  • Today’s Inspiration!

    Today’s Inspiration!

    Some will say that I have been uncommonly lucky. I shall not disagree. But I believe that luck has a cause, like anything else, and I believe there exists a mental attitude capable of shaping circumstances more or less according to one’s wishes. Alexandra David-Neel What an amazing quote; the idea that we can create […]

  • This is Spring!

    This is Spring!

    We have had some above average warm weather and the flowers are blooming . Here are some from our garden.Does anyone know what these little beauties are ? Here are two small tulips that were opened up to let in the sunlight. Here are the daffodils! They are looking out and saying ;“Hello World!” All […]

  • Biasini Speaks: Lock Ups and Drama!

    Biasini Speaks: Lock Ups and Drama!

    Hello Dear Humans! I hope you are well . Here the Humans are in a tizzy about the Vye Rus and the Lock Up. They talk about it all the time at the barn. We horses are always listening to what the Humans are saying . At night we discuss what we have heard . […]