Month: December 2020

  • The last lesson of 2020

    The last lesson of 2020

    I recognized the devilment of the exercise!

  • This is what I did today!

    This is what I did today!

    The Covid numbers in Ontario are not great. The Provincial government announced they are imposing a lockdown on the entire province. Or maybe just on the south of the province. Or maybe not a complete lockdown just increased restrictions. Or maybe it will be like the lockdown in the spring and the barns will all […]

  • Biasini Speaks: Flying Reindeer?

    Biasini Speaks: Flying Reindeer?

    You don’t believe in flying reindeer? Well I can explain what I think about them. I know Leueen is on a break from the blob but I have asked her to post a link to my original blob post about reindeer and “elves” and all the Winter Festival things. Here it is,

  • This Holiday Season

    This Holiday Season

    This week Lens Artist Ann Christine has given us the challenge of the Holiday Season. I shall be honest and tell you that this year I considered not putting up the Christmas tree. Then I thought better of it. As I put on the decorations each one brought back a memory. The mat around the […]

  • Biasini Speaks: About Snowshoes and other Snow Stuff.

    Biasini Speaks: About Snowshoes and other Snow Stuff.

    Hello Dear Humans! Ma Leueen tells me that some Humans have been asking if I have snowshoes for going out in the snow. She explained that Humans have big flat things they put on their feet that they call snowshoes. Well mine are not like that. I just have a plastic rim inside the metal […]

  • Precious Moments

    Precious Moments

    This week Amy has given us the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge of Precious Moments. Here are some of mine “The most precious gift of life is to be alive.” ― Lailah Akita In the Pandemic I often remind myself that it is a gift indeed to be alive and to be able to have these precious moments. […]

  • Totilas: the Demise of a Superstar.

    Totilas: the Demise of a Superstar.

    Originally posted on HorseAddict:
    Unforgettable is also the explanation of the rider that he didn’t feel anything of an injury in the saddle. And also the judges did not make a good impression. They could have ended the test. If only they had the courage.”-?Isabell Werth Isabell Werth has the courage to speak the truth…

  • Squirrels on Sunday

    Squirrels on Sunday

    We had about four inches of snow earlier this week. The squirrels come to our bird feeder and pick up what has fallen to the ground. But for the little squirrels it can be hard work getting down through the snow to the seeds. My little friend White Ears persisted however. The effort is worth […]

  • A Statesmanlike Flying Change!

    A Statesmanlike Flying Change!

    I do not have a photo nor do I have any video. You will just have to trust me on this. In my Thursday lesson Belinda has us work on leg yielding in trot and canter. For the canter work I would depart from the walk to the canter. If I engaged Biasini with a […]

  • Enter at A

    Enter at A

    Every dressage test, from training level to the Grand Prix starts with the horse and rider entering the ring at the letter A. Whether you are riding in a show at your local club or in the Olympics you enter at the letter A. So when I saw that this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge #126 from […]

  • Naima Moriera Laliberte has made her decision about Florida.

    Naima Moriera Laliberte has made her decision about Florida.

    Of course there are concerns.

  • Is Megan Lane going to Florida?

    Is Megan Lane going to Florida?

    This is my third post about Canadian dressage riders who usually go to Florida for the winter season to train and compete. For some the situation with Covid in Florida and the closure of the Canadian border to all but essential travel has caused them to make the decision to stay home in Canada. Olympian […]