What a Treat!

I have never seen the Evening Grosbeaks here before.

Biasini Speaks:You Won’t Believe This!

Hello Dear Humans. My friend Touchie and I have had an adventure! Coach Belinda was away teaching somewhere so Super Groom Lexi rode Touchie and Ma Leueen was riding me. We went along the Goat Trail and then came out to the Blue Trail. We were just ambling along. Here is a few seconds on…

Straighten Up and Fly Right!

Last week my coach Belinda Trussell took a video of me riding down the long side in shoulder-in, turning onto the centerline to half pass left. When I watched he video I was shocked! For the first two or three strides of the half pass I was tipping over to the right. Whaaaat? We were…

Book Review: Four legs move my soul. By Isabell Werth and Evi Simeoni

She jumped up on the podium, where she sprayed champagne like a Formula One Champion, then she brought the bottle to her lips and took a big swig. After that she let runner-up American Laura Graves and the third-placed Britain’s Carl Hester drink before giving the bottle to all three grooms. Evi Simeoni “Four Legs…

FOTD The Painted Fern

I love my Japanese Painted Fern. It is always slow to get started in the spring so I mark the spot where it grows with a green stake which you can see in this photo.

A Walk in the Forest.Lens Artists Challenge #117

This week Amy has given us the challenge of a Photo Walk. Monday was a beautiful day for going on a walk and who better to go with than Biasini. Now I cannot sling a camera around my neck when I am riding a horse so all of these photos were taken with my phone.